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February 2, 2011

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It's harvest time here on the farm.

I've been going through old photo
albums, hard drives, notebooks,
CDRs, and cassettes. I've also been
writing more in longhand than I have
in many years. Some of it is quite
painful (I'm embarrassed for myself),
and other bits have been a delight.

I'm not very methodical and I don't
know where it's leading--I'm just going
with whatever catches my ear & eye.

The video here combines an improv
tune from weekly 4Shadows jam with
some corporate meat propaganda
gleaned from the Prelinger Archives.

The meat back then looked pretty good
and I doubt that any big packer today
would open its plant to public tours as
Hormel did at the time of this film (1965).

In a related film made in 1964 by the FDA,
I was surprised to learn that back then
no antibiotics were allowed in federally
inspected meat. Times have changed.