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December 20, 2010

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It's been a slow year for building. I thought I'd use the time off
constructively and to a small extent I did, but overall it seems
the more free time I have the worse I manage it. Yet another
proof of the adage: work expands to fill available time.

Today it was back to the jobsite, a "remodel" that's basically a
new house from the foundation up. I helped with the demolition
and had a hand in some of the framing, but today marked my
return to "full-time"--6 years to the day after I started a different job.

John and crew have been busy--there are some walls and a roof,
but no stairs anywhere so it was a day of ladders and pumpjack
scaffolding, scurrying up and down the tall structure to finish
nailing off the sheathing and hammertacking Tyvek waterproofing.

All that climbing and balancing really works the body. Still, there's
something to be said for getting out of the house, away from the
screen, and back working in three dimensions with a crew of buds.
I felt it, but it's good to be reminded there's a world outside my skull.