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December 6, 2010

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I was sick last week;
now it's Sarah's turn.

Had to venture out to
secure some provisions.

A cat turned blithely and
regarded me with feigned
disinterest as I strode up
the alley to Marketime.

The garlic was from China.

What the hell, I bought it
anyway and the Ricola for
Sarah contains aspartame.

I threw it all into spaghetti
sauce: butter, onions, salt,
garlic, oil, red pepper, spices,
oregano, Gimme Lean, canned
tomatoes, Bragg's, BruBru,
and a dash of liquid smoke.

Just as it was hitting the plate at
8:25 pm Igor called and asked if
we'd eaten. Unexpected, yes, but
most welcome and half an hour
later he arrived by bike with a box
wine, chocolate, and one request:
Godspeed You! Black Emperor.