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September 26, 2010

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Things happen fast and there are degrees of speed.

There's the thing that's over before you realize it's even begun. As when Frank and I   
were rear-ended in his pick-up truck today on Fremont Ave waiting for the light at 39th.       
The guy who smashed into us had been arguing with his passenger and hadn't noticed traffic was           
stopped. If he hadn't swerved and given us only a glancing blow it could have been much worse.              

There's also the thing you see
coming from a long way off but
it comes and goes so fast you
mistake it for an instant--as with
the closing of a beloved business.
The expected feels unexpected after
it happens. Today saw the end of both
Dissonant Plane and Fremont Rain City
. Add to these Buckaroo Tavern and
J&S Phonograph Needle this September alone.

The last of these three arbitrary categories
is the blink-and-you-missed-it variety. You
see the thing as it happens but aren't sure
what exactly you've seen. At the Funhouse
tonight a basketball bounced into a bucket
of rainwater. The splash called to mind Edgerton
and I asked a stranger to oblige me by dropping
it in again. On 3! He was game and we captured
that which happens in a fraction of a moment.

...But when Le Sang Song played
time seemed to be suspended.