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August 7, 2010

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spacer I've known John King for almost a quarter century,
ever since we were introduced in high school and
bonded over shared musical interests. He's one of
the main reasons I took the long way back to Seattle
from Chicago via a week-long stopover in New York.
I stayed in Brooklyn but managed to find my way to
one beach or another 5 days running. I hear they have
museums and other stuff in Manhattan but I didn't make
it there until my last day, and then only to meet John
for lunch near his opulent office building, built 1927
in a grand style which fell out of fashion and would be
difficult to replicate today. At my and Sarah's wedding
two years ago (minus a day), John paid me one of the
greatest compliments when he said summer seemed
to last twice as long when I was around. Well, there
isn't too much to that, really; it just means I love the
beach and do everything I can to share that enthusiasm.
The churn and rumble of the ocean not only puts my mind
at ease but it activates my body. If I could just get myself
next to some warm salt water I know I'd live so much more
healthy. 12 years ago, before I decided rather impulsively
to follow Sarah out to Seattle, I'd been in the process of send-
ing resumes to resorts and suchlike in tropical climes. That plan
got detoured as our 2-year Seattle sojourn defaulted to a dozen.
No regrets there, but I do wonder how much longer I can defer my
salty water dream before it dries up like so much beached seaweed.