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July 29, 2010

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The Chicago Honey Co-Op is a fine example of how "hibernating" urban space can be put to productive
use which actually improves the environment and builds community. For 8 and a half years this apiary
has inhabited a vacant lot on loan from a development company. The green you see among the hives
and towards the back grew spontaneously up through and on top of an expanse of seemingly
impermeable concrete. In addition to the bees, there's a shared garden space where Sarah and
I helped by picking garlic which had to come out quick after Saturday's drenching 7-inch rain.
A wheelbarrow on site went from empty to overflowing overnight, an ersatz pluviometer
  registering more than eight inches. In another section, trees seemed to punch holes
  thru asphalt from below, putting me in mind of The World Without Us. What a planet!

So glorious, resilient. Makes me wonder why the many seem intent on killing it.