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December 10, 2009

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Igor celebrated his 40th birthday at the People's Pub in Ballard and as usual it lived up to its name--cheap food,
stiff drinks, and a convivial atmosphere. It's one of those increasingly rare bars where strangers strike up spon-
taneous conversations and join each other's tables. 1969 must have been a great year because so many good
people I know are turning 40. In the US people tend to freak over 40 whereas in Czech Republic the big one is
50, when you enter your "-át" years--padesát (50), sedesát (60), sedmdesát (70), etc. But at 40 you're still in
your "-et" years--dvacet (20), tricet (30), and ctyricet (40). But who cares either way? They're just numbers.
You're only as old as you look. I mean feel. You're only as old as you feel. And if I have too many more nights
like this one I'm going to be feeling older fast. After People's, Igor and I went to Gainsbourg where Matt Ford
(aka DJ Dresspants) was spinning rad obscure cuts from his highly evolved vinyl collection. Igor went home but
the party didn't end with last call as we went to Matt's buddy Jermain's tasteful attic apartment where we played
records and yammered until 5 a.m. It was dark and cold and a 3-mile walk home. It was delightful. When I'm walking
my mind is my own. Chances are some of these cars would be waking up just as my frozen ears touched pillow.