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November 15, 2009

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In a secret location on Seattle's Westlake Ave.
the 4Shadows convene every Sunday evening
to practice their confusing brand of free jazz
psychedelic noise improvisation. Heraclitus
said you can never step in the same river
twice and so it is with this amorphous group
whose membership fluctuates from week to
week--from lonesome one-man-band stylings
to supergroupings of 5 or 6--who can never
play the same song twice because the limits
of structure do not exist at the boundaries
of sound and it's just no fun to do the same
thing more than once. In between spreading
lakes of sonic vomit they step outside to the
narrow parking lot between tall walls to laugh
at the moon and smoke kretek cigarettes in fits
of collective amnesia, no thought for the future.