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September 22, 2009

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...From the line-defying curves,
swirls, & spirals of Bad Blumau
to the squares within squares at
MUMOK in Vienna, where Cy
's expressionist mush
seemed to strain against the
confines of its rectilinear frames.
I don't mean mush in a bad way,
but I kind of got that seen one,
seen 'em all feeling. I'm drawn
towards narrative in art, so I got
more food for thought from Mind
*, an exhibit of artifacts
& documents chronicling actions,
happenings, and freakouts from
1968 when actionist artists sought
to disrupt the status quo through
disturbing and often funny social interventions.
But as our host Herr Eschen said at dinner last
night, it's not any work in particular which makes
going to museums interesting; it's the way
looking at a lot of art alters one's way of seeing.
I certainly got that sense when we stepped out
and every bench and bit of trash seemed to be
suddenly imbued with much more meaning.

*That's how I felt at the time, but Twombly's work has
stuck with me longer, lingers in the mind's eye. How
much a work haunts you is a good measure of quality.