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September 19, 2009

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When first visiting Bad Blumau
about three years ago Sarah
and I knew we'd have to come
back. 40th birthday seemed a
good enough reason, even if
we did have to miss the exact
date by a few days because
Sarah had a work obligation.
Luckily, Hoyt and Heidi
joined us and since it was
Heidi's birthday proper we
still managed to get the
royal treatment and some
candles on a cake. The
toughest decision to make
while here is whether to swim
or sauna. Well, it's not really a
question of either/or but in what
order. There are five pools to
choose from, some hotter than
others but all tropically warm,
geothermally heated by two
springs tapped at 970 and 2,843
meters. And while this could be
mistaken for a self-portrait it's
only because Hoyt resembles me
a little when his face is distorted
by a sheet of rushing water.