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September 13, 2009

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I don't even know how many times I've made the trip to Prague. This is the plane that would take me from Seattle as far as Amsterdam in one
quick 9-hour hop across the top of the planet through the thin bitter cold air at 39,000 feet. Who knows, maybe I'd even flown on this selfsame
A330 already. Sea-Tac seemed like a madhouse but one security checker told me it was only slightly busy--a 45,000 passenger day when the
most he'd seen was 64,000. Still, the lines were long and I got to gate S9 just as they were calling my row. Flying used to mean at least
perfunctory conversations with your seatmates but now with on-demand video the cabin was quiet the whole way as even people traveling
together stared silently into their screens, earphones firmly in place. Can't say I miss the smalltalk all that much and nothing makes a flight go
quicker than watching 3 movies, but I still get the feeling that our ability       to interact with one another is slipping away and worldview is
becoming more homogenized through continual exposure to mass enter-           tainments. Instead of learning from each other we
just recline our seats and settle in for the lowest common denominator.