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June 9, 2009

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Leaving town for a week turns me into some kind of superman.
After leaving work early with a pounding headache (heat exhaustion, I think) I went home and scrubbed and cleaned, cooked and froze the last of the CSA greens so they wouldn't spoil, secured and mailed bundles of crisp sequential $2 bills for my nieces (birthdays June 6 & 11), found and instructed a catsitter, sold a tool belt via craigslist, paid some bills, wrote a thank you note, superglued some broken things, did a load of laundry, bought a book and trailmix for the trip, packed, played with Miso, and even put brand new laces in my boots.
I caught the 9:38pm #26 bus downtown and waited in the transit tunnel to transfer to 194 airport express. To my surprise and delight an unfamiliar bell clanged and a Sound Transit light rail test train came down new tracks, pausing at the platform to take on and disgorge phantom passengers. Service begins in July and like a properly proud citizen (some would say foamer) I intend to ride on opening day whether or not I have anywhere to be.