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April 1, 2009

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(An inauspicious start but one
should never expect too much
satisfaction from a computer.)

I was hanging art and setting
up a loaned digital projector
at the site of the old Bridge
, now a septiplex called
Footprint. They invited locals
to show artwork for Friday's
grand opening tour and it makes
enough sense--the new woody
floors and neutral walls are as
mutely sacred as any museum's.
The building Sarah and I are in is
tall. Dangling chains act as down-
spouts directing gutter runoff to
river rock cairns below. I thought,
Now there' a novel approach--
and it got a workout in today's
wind, rain, and touch of snow.
(Isn't the internet great? It lets us
discuss local weather with the whole
world after it's already blown over.)