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March 8, 2008

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Monster Crash Port-a-Party Mobile 45 DJ Set-up
My only somewhat regular gig in the guise of my DJ alter ego Port-a-Party is the monthly second Saturday Ballard artwalk open studio party at 4710 Arts Collective on Ballard Avenue. There's always a burn barrel, keg, food, art, slivovitz, and some sort of live music. Usually the music tends towards jam bands with jazz style sitting in, which is cool but tends to be uninterrupted and endless with the resulting sounds sort of clashing and competing. This time was different, with only a single band playing a well-defined set. Monster Crash is a tight punk trio consisting of tiny drumkit, amplified stand-up bass, heavily distorted electric guitar, fog machine, makeup, and screaming. They rocked, they raged, they're my new fave. Old school hardcore attack, short songs punctuated by articulate harangues on timely topics targeted at all us hypocrites. After their last song, I resumed my set with Monster Mash, typically thought of as a kids novelty song but one with a beat you can't defeat. The singer (pictured here) had a request, too. What would you guess? If you said Yummy Yummy Yummy by Ohio Express, you'd be right. I have it. Fake blood and bubblegum go great together.