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October 18, 2007

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Every so often I give clean living a try--which is of course its own high.
My scientologist sculptor neighbor friend in Baltimore told me that when
he gave up drinking and drugs he suddenly saw the world in 3D.
. At the
time I thought that was borderline silly (of course the world is 3D...  
or is it? How much depth does a projection on our retina have?
Then again, sculptors "see" the world in 3D, as does anyone with
a sense of touch. So maybe he was hinting at synesthesia....).. 3D.
Today sitting at the back of the bus after reading some of that great syn-
esthete Nabokov, I became aware of seeing things more clearly. Part of
my seeing is emotional, and alcohol tends to blunt the emotions. When
I stop drinking I feel more and consequently start seeing with my heart.
Speaking of seeing & heart, I went and saw About A Son twice this week.

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