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October 3, 2007

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I think Jesse is onto something when he says Seattle
is on its way to becoming nothing more than an
administrative center for the ever-consolidating
corporate hegemony. It doesn't take a visionary to
see this as the process has been underway for some
time, but it's good to get such succinct reminders that the
future belongs to those who can afford it. Until Seattle
becomes completely blanched, there are still a few good
places left, like the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater where
tonight Queen Shmooquan delivered one of the greatest
performances that little old theater has ever witnessed.
Hilarious, absurd, and fiercely satirical, this spellbinding
show stretched the limits of what can be expressed by
stuffing props under one's clothes. Shmooquan returns
to the Jewelbox on November 1 and December 13.
Do yourself a favor and be sure not to miss it.