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September 27, 2007



Lately, my just-about-favorite thing is to play 45s on an old gramophone in public places, so all week long a little voice inside has been nudging me to try outside the Asteroid Cafe, situated on the self-proclaimed FREMONT VILLAGE SQUARE.... But the outdoor power outlet was juiceless and Marlon fretted about the landlord so that dream quietly died. I lugged my gear back home up the hill. Sarah asked me to get some wine at Marketime. As I got there, the #5 was disgorging a shit ton of passengers 2 blocks off its route. Now, there's a lot of preparatory barricading, blockading, and fencing going on for a giant corporate advertisement taking place this weekend on Fremont Ave, but that should not have diverted the bus. I asked the rider on the left if the driver had missed a turn and she said yes. "The runaway 5!" I replied and she laughed. Everyone was smiling as they got off. This tiny disruption of routine, brought about by operator error, was enough to fill people with glee. They didn't need my cavalcade of pop 45s to make them happy...     (But if you do, please extend your feelers. I seek to bring the party.)