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September 19, 2007




                  When I first started picking up
    building jobs 6 years ago I was relieved
to be getting away from being a desk
jockey focused on manipulating words,
images, and HTML. I thought: "Finally,
some mindless work where my mind will
wander and I can contemplate creative
thoughts and ponder my life's direction."
How wrong I was. If anything, working in
three (deep) dimensions requires more
presence and mindfulness than my former
computer tasks. Assembling materials
requires precision of detail while keeping
in mind the interconnectedness of the
larger structure (most of it still unbuilt). One learns that a wandering
mind leads to fucking up, which costs time, materials, or flesh--maybe all 3 at once.
And this is a good thing b/c a wandering mind is not always desirable. The mental
focus of building is an end in itself. The bliss comes not from a mind that is vacant
or wandering, but one which is present yet silent....
So go grab a hammer and wham!