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August 12, 2007

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Today was a kind and gentle day; even Miso's hunting involved no prey. Between editing a magazine and booking a club, the previous 8 months were hectic. I learned a lot but the busy-ness sort of threw me off those things which really nourish me--community, writing, and making art. Still trying to find a new rhythm, today was a good start: played records on the sidewalk down in Fremont at Adria and Sarah's street sale, then hung out on the block with Jesse and John, juggling and chatting at a dead end as the sun set among puffy white clouds. Playing with Miso, we learned a little something about cats--their pupils go from slits to instantly dilated just before they pounce. It was sort of scary. I wonder if it triggered some genetic memory, the stored experience of ancestors who survived seeing those eyes go wide after being mistaken for lunch.