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June 16, 2007

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craig chambers looks on as can spiral takes shape

Assembling traffic-flattened cans into a spiral
is becoming a solstice parade sideshow tradition.
This year I helped Chris Webb clean out his
side parking lot for the temporary installation
of the 1,000+ cans I've collected from the streets
of Seattle since 2005. It was a choice location
because it allowed for a nice top-down view
which I used to make a time-lapse document.
It was something of a homecoming, too--Chris's
back deck was the site of the first can spiral.
It was a good location also because people
could view the work without getting too close.
As a result, the spiral remained intact for days.
It took about 3 hours to assemble, and I emptied
a few more cans in the heat as I did so with the
help of Craig (pictured here) who kept me company
and young Olive Burd, who meticulously counted
the cans--1,044--which were all I could fit in the lot.
I hope to one day install the sculpture permanently.