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May 15, 2007

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Today was a screamer--screamingly gorgeous. I left
Craig a message: "It's the best day of the year." Sunny,
80, clear. He rolled over on his Bridgestone 10-speed,
we took our time riding through Ballard, stopped at the
Sloop for a quick Sloopersize Rainier for $3.75. 33.8 oz.
of beer isn't that much, really, just a hair over 2 pints,
but the thick glass mug sits heavy in the hand and con-
fuses one's sense of scale. It's funny just being there,
the lunchtime drinkers like kids beside the big glasses.

Back out in the sun, Craig told a story about
the Lockspot across the street. He'd been
in there at a time when his life was in the
pits. A big guy walked in and ordered a pint
glass of vodka, straight and simple. Seeing
Craig was down, he asked what the trouble
was. Breakup, eviction, the usual list. The
stranger pressed a ring into Craig's hand and
closed his fingers into a fist around it and said:
"Anything you want to do, just envision your-
self being there and you'll be there in 5 years."
When the man took it back, Craig saw it
was a Superbowl ring.

As we pedaled on I realized I don't have a
vision I am working towards and it didn't
occur to me to ask Craig what his vision
for his then-future self had been. Was this it?