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May 8, 2007

Notice screens. They are as seductive as they are ubiquitous.

Starting here, your computer. TV, ATM, cel phone, camera, point of sale system.... How much of your life is filtered through a glowing rectangle?

Much of mine is.

Which is why I'm glad the weather has been getting better. I basically can't resist the call of the outdoors when the sun is shining. I like to close my eyes and really look at what is there--it's seldom as simple as nothing.

I've also been enjoying the dying arts of paper. Writing longhand, drawing, pecking words out on a manual typewriter, making posters.

OK, most of the posters are made via a screen, but picking up the 11x17 color copies on cardstock at the copyshop down the street is my new favorite ritual. Then I tear off little loops of blue masking tape and make the rounds of the Alibi Room, posting them where I hope people will see.

There's a growing archive at myspace.com/alibiroomseattle or here. Some are posters I designed, others are collaborations, and a few were sent to me complete.

Please take heed.
This Alibi gig could end any minute; please join me while there's still the opportunity.