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April 5, 2007

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Dave Abramson

Last week, Adria described the walking log she recently started keeping. In it she writes down her daily trips, whether they're quick errands around the block, longer recreational strolls, or some combination of both. She records where she went, how far, who she met, things she saw, what she felt. She compares this to similar trips executed by car and what she finds is she has more fun, connects with more people, and feels less stress when she walks. It's a revealing practice.

It reminded me of a project I've been meaning to start for several months: photographing friends I meet in chance encounters around town. The problem has been that I am always so pleased and diverted to run into friends that I forget to whip out the camera. Why, just on Saturday on a short bike ride I crossed paths with Bill Horist and his friend Isaac, Adria herself in the produce aisle at Marketime, and Morgan from Sonic Boom biking up the street as I was leaving the grocery store. No photos.

Today was warm and sunny in Seattle. I rode to Radio Shack for a video switcher and then on to Totem House, a chowder shack next to Chittendon Locks. I'd never been there before. Waiting for my Ballard Bowl (New England chowder served in a scooped-out loaf of bread), in walks Dave Abramson with his friend Chris. We shot the shit for a while and then I finally remembered to take his picture. I hope now that I've done it once next time it will be a reflex.