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February 17, 2007



woke up at the beach on what all the San Franciscans said
was the nicest day of the winter. warm and sunny, people
flocked to the shore. we were all delirious with travel, lack
of sleep, and a little too much the night before. inspired by
matt feeding some birds, i drew this comic on a plastic jug.
(little did i know that this was territory explored by Tom
many decades earlier. i later found out.) there was
a group doing karate on the beach, many surfers, and lots
of people walking the seaside esplanade yakking into their
cel phones. what did people used to do before cel phones?
listen to the ocean? borrrrring! a fog bank rolled in and
many people immediately fled, but then the sun came out
again. the whole day felt kind of blessed.  eventually we
drove on out to oakland, visited an old friend in ramshackle
warehouse digs, then on to Heco's Palace, a loft space
where our host spun 78s from India before a trio of bands
played on the big living room stage. i was set up sweetly on
a raised bed platform which i converted into a media nest
complete with VCR, laptop, camcorder, and projector. the
infinite regression video project came to a head here, with
two layers of previous shows projected behind the live acts
for a really cool fractal effect which confused some people.