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One of the most effective things anyone can do to help keep Earth alive is to drive less. So if you or anyone you know could use some encouragement in that direction, please consider the following....

Although they're often useful and sometimes necessary, for the most part cars are way overused and lead to much social and environmental damage. The carfree movement seeks to raise awareness of the impact of automobile use and present positive alternatives to the car-dependent lifestyle.

Carbusters Magazine is the quarterly journal of the global carfree movement.

Tower Records/Books, one of our biggest distributors, is going out of business. Add to that smaller but vital outlets like Fremont News in Seattle also folding and our newsstand outreach is rapidly diminishing. To keep going, we're going to rely more and more on subscribers (which also leads to more efficient print runs).

So! If you care about reducing automobile use and would like to receive a quarterly magazine full of news, analysis, and inspiring art and ideas in support of the carfree lifestyle, please subscribe to Carbusters today:

Carbusters makes a great New Year's present for anyone resolved to drive less in 2007. Please pass this message along. Thank you!

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left: Pete Bevis, Roadkill, bronze, lifesize