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October 16, 2006


On JB's excellent recommendation, we booked a cabin at Camping Zeeburg for the two nights we're in Amsterdam before flying back to the States (United, America of). It's always nice to begin and end European journeys here. It's a good place to decompress from and transition back to the American way of life. After dinner at an Indian place, we set out in search of a good coffee shop. After fruitless wandering, we happened to end up where we started, where we met a friendly Croatian expat who took us to the Greenhouse Effect where we bought him beers and he rolled our cigarettes. We made plans to meet him for dinner tomorrow. Back at the campground, we were spellbound by this spider as it spun a web above an illuminated map case. We noticed Amsterdam itself, with its canals radiating from a central point and concentric rings, resembles a web. Wow.

misty morning en route to cirkvice train platform