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August 29, 2006


abrupt change in weather is a little crazy-making. suddenly it's rain every day and the forecast calls for nothing but the same. oslik the cat sleeps all day. he is sane. the other day we got a notice in the maibox: Hana Kroutilova died quietly on Sunday August 20 after a difficult illness, aged 62. jakub is small enough that everyone gets an invitation to the funeral. jarda explains that in a little village such as this everyone's related. (present company excepted.)
play with your food! you might make a friend. people with friends live longer.

a few days later there's a notice tacked to the bar in the pub: Bohumil Jirak dead at 85. was it the change in the weather? life and death in a little village. pretty soon we'll be moving on and i wonder if i'm tiring of this rootless existence. maybe it's just the rain, but little seems worth doing and i find myself waking only to think in the dark about what i've done and where it is i might be going...