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August 12, 2006


                                     Not all of Prague looks like Disneyland. Beyond the center, past the long avenues of densely packed 6-story brownstones,                                 you get to the incongruous and disproportionate arrays of Soviet-era prefabricated housing projects called panelaky (because                             they're built of readymade sections--clad in concrete slabs, woodgrain laminate sheets on  interior walls). Beyond this outer ring of
       development the city abruptly ends and you find yourself suddenly surrounded by greenspace. This is starting to change, with villages close
   to Prague starting to expand and the city itself beginning to sprawl despite a decreasing population. I took this picture en route to a barbeque
where Dan and Julie were dogsitting 3 adults and 5 puppies in a nearby village, the blue neon of a new mall visible across the farm fields.