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July 31, 2006


apricots ripening, yes; photo taken july 21 2006

My love affair with the bicycle continues.
I mean, what an unlikely invention!
Most other artifacts have obvious
corollaries in nature: tree = umbrella;
wheel = rolling log; clothes = animal skin...
But tell me where do bicycles come from?
The way of balance is not intuitive.
However it came to pass, I'm glad it did.

It's been a dry few weeks, but of course
it started pouring at exactly that moment
when it came time to ride to Kutna Hora
hlavni nadrazi to meet Tamra's train from
Prague (where she'd spent the day). Her
bike was in the check room and I had the
ticket--no way out of it. Halfway there my
phone sang; it was Tamra. She'd gotten
on the wrong connection and would be
delayed by 40 minutes. Oh well, the rain
was abating so I decided to ride aim-
lessly for a while, followed a dirt road
I'd been wanting to explore, rode up
and up to a plateau of farm fields
criss-crossed with power transmission
towers. It was eerie and quiet up there,
light in the west and dark clouds to the
east where it still looked to be raining.
A dog barked, a deer bounded across a
stubbly field. The road proved to be a
dead end (at least for me) but that didn't
matter--it had felt good getting there.
...And the roll back down was sweet.