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June 22, 2006

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We're lucky to live in a place where we can
get around by bike--but it's lucky by choice.
When I sold my last car in November 1997
upon moving to Manhattan, I decided never
again to live anywhere I'd need a car. When
I considered moving to Seattle one year later,
my first question was: how would I get around?
Sarah said bike paths and OK bus system. Done!
When it came time to find a place in the Czech
Republic, the primary criterion was it had to be
on a rail line within an hour or so of Prague. My
partner Mirek and I found one in Jakub, a small
farming village with its own grocery store, pub,
and post office; just a 15-minute walk to the local
train line in Cirkvice or 15-minute bikeride through
farm fields and along railway to Kutna Hora main
station and its direct express connection to Prague.
So now Sarah and I are here, enjoying a rather
self-contained existence with weekly city visits.
I'm lucky in many ways, but I've also made a few
good choices--best of which was to ditch the car.

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