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June 18, 2006

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                    Jakub recently got a bunch of money form the EU to repair
             roads leading to its historically important local church. Progress
    is slow, and even when the streets were much less passable than this
they were never officially closed. It's been fun "off-roading" on the road.
Tonight we rode along doubletrack and cobblestones to Nove Dvory, the
village just north of Jakub where the only restaurant sometimes serves
fruit dumplings (yum!). No such luck today; they weren't even cooking so
after a beer we pedaled on to Kutna Hora where the waiter insisted on
practicing his "perfect" English on us. He was nice, though, and the food
good. I had tomato soup and melted cheese wrapped in potato pancakes.

From there we went to Albert for groceries and a hammock. The cashier's
last name was Smutna ("sad") and she seemed to be living up to it. On the
way back, just past the railroad track path, there's a small field and roadside
produce stand. I'd already crossed the highway when Sarah yelled, Jahody!
(strawberries!) and called me back. The strawberry lady was kind and filled
a big bag in exchange for emails in English to her grandkids. We said yes!