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June 16, 2006

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it wouldn't have been so bad if Oslik had just killed
the baby bird he captured, but all he did was play
with it. (sarah theorizes that because housecats lack
maternal survival training they don't know what to do
with their prey.) when the bird peeped pathetically
its parents swooped in to harass Oslik but it looked
like it would be a suicide mission as he leaped to catch them. since i'd never taken a pledge of
, i grabbed a stick and chased Oslik off when he released the birdy for a second.
maybe the bird was already doomed, but it seemed too horrible to let Oslik slowly torture it. sarah
put socks on her hands to minimize her scent and placed Peeper (as we'd named him) into a pink plastic
basket lined with grass cuttings. we hung the temporary nest high in a tree and hoped Peeper wouldn't get
woozy as it spun in the breeze. when his parents didn't find him there, we rehung the basket closer to the
"bird condo"--a series of high holes in a wall where several families have their nests--and hoped for the best.
then we got into a van with Mirek and his band for a short road trip to a concert in the picturesque town of Policka....