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May 25, 2006
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A combination of jetlag bodyclock maladjustment, a good night's sleep, and brilliant morning sun had me up at 5 o'clock. With Ozlik (Czech for jackass) for company, I knew exactly what to do and headed straight for the back backyard with the scythe--which I'd first hammered roughly flat and grinded sharper if not truly sharp, feeling foolishly and romantically every bit the ancient farmer. I started in with relish, cutting a broad swath, sensing that by the time I got to the far end several days hence I would have to start over again and I didn't care. It felt deeply satisfying and timeless swinging and sweating in the silence of early morning sunshine, raking the cuttings into numerous neat little piles. It was a peak moment, and though it passed it will always be there. Hours later I went in and brought Sarah coffee in bed. By afternoon it clouded over and I was spent. In the quiet twilight bedroom I took a long nap, not missing anything and wanting for nothing, feeling lucky and grateful to be here.