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May 23, 2006
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It's quiet here except for birds, passing tractors, and occasional overflights of Czech air force jet fighters from a nearby base roaring through the sky, usually in pairs. They come so close sometimes you have to pause your conversation until they've passed--which usually takes only a few seconds because they're so fast. I think of it as an airshow and watch with interest as they zoom by in tight formation or turn tall loops in the sky. The consoling joke here is they don't do it too often because the Czech armed forces can't afford the gas.

It's quiet here except for the flies--which also seem to come in pairs--that seem to delight in buzzing close by my ears. It's not a plague by any means but they do get in, especially since only one window has a screen. I try to tolerate them but after one flies up my nose as I'm drifting off to sleep I suddenly feel the helpless urge to kill. It's small and slow and I smash it with my bare hand. It's quiet again except for a feeling of sadness and guilt and I wonder about more humane ways to deal with them. Why kill? I think a little fishnet might work, the kind used in pet stores and home aquariums. Catch and release....