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April 22, 2006
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Today was Earth Day, the annual April 22 observance of environmental issues begun in 1970.
Down in Seattle's South Park neighborhood, hundreds turned out to plant plants, clean up the
river banks, and celebrate with a picnic and student play performance at the Neighborhood Center.
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and Washington Governor Christine Gregoire toured The Living Barge
and used it as a backdrop to deliver their obligatory environmental remarks. Well, I missed it all.

Busy making
an 8-hour tape for
I got a late start. But when I finally
did make it out, it was a glorious day
for a bike ride. I crossed Aurora Bridge
from upper Fremont, slipped down to Dexter,
then meandered my way through downtown to
the waterfront, pausing here and there to shoot a
picture or short movie clip. At Spokane and Marginal
I consulted the excellent Seattle Bike Map and charted a
course for Gateway Park South, where I mistakenly thought
something would be going on (oops). After crossing the lower
West Seattle Bridge, I rode along the riverfront Duwamish Bike Trail
for the first time. It was sweet--a confluence of flowers and industry.

After asking directions of two women loading kayaks onto a rooftop car rack, I made it to the
Neighborhood Center just in time to hear riotous applause for the play which had just ended. Alas.
The cookout was over but I scored half a veggie weenie and a quarter of a dessicated garden burger.
Yum! Sarah and I napped in the grass, then made it to the kayak parade launch site where I napped some more.
Then we went to Lora's house where we took a nap in the basement guest room and one of two adorable cats (Boo and Atticus) crawled under the blanket and between my legs. Yow! Finally napped out , we made it to the County Line where we met George, a very politically aware ex-con and foosball champ who encouraged me to film him removing his acrylic eye--which replaced the one he lost after taking five bullets to the head.