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March 18, 2006
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It's strange to be here. All the trees you see will soon be removed to make way for oversized new homes. It won't be the first time these woods have been clear-cut (old growth stumps stand like ghosts, some with large young trees growing directly out of them). But before the backhoes come to chew it all up, Sarah and Nicole and six volunteers got in to transplant 2 truckloads of native plant species to The Living Barge at Duwamish Shipyard. When we got home, Adria told us how she'd gone out in the morning and when she came back a few hours later the building next door was smashed flat. I went over with a hammer and nails hopeful there'd be enough to build a shanty clubhouse for the evening but the whole thing was madness--it looked as if the house had been put in a blender