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March 2, 2006

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Do you love your job? Is your work an end in itself? That is to say,
do you take satisfaction in the doing or is it strictly for the paycheck
with which to buy those things promised to bring pleasure? Is your
work something you look forward to doing for the rest of your life?
If you answered "no" to any of those questions you might consider.
Today was a great day. Went postering Ballard by bike. It was sunny
but windy. A Real Change vendor outside of FedExKinkos spoke of
wind coming in from every direction even though he had 2 sides of
shelter last night. What could I say? I was hungry. Noon and I hadn't
eaten a thing all day. Than Bros. large veggie pho, extra noodles please.
$5.51. What a bargain. I eavesdropped the conversation behind me:
A musician with a chemistry degree turned writer for Bill Nye shared
a portion of the story of her life. I was touched to see a homemade
bicycle sidecar parked outside with an aged and infirm husky leashed
to it. When the owner came out the dog got on and they pedalled away.
It was spring cleaning at RE Store, then everyone looked at this bunny.
get down with sustainability