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February 8, 2006

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one less tree to climb, birds and bugs lose a home

Today was a day when I suddenly saw things at their darkest. It started with a meeting to determine what health
plan everyone wanted. Rates are going up, coverage is diminishing. They try to hoodwink you with longterm
"savings" and "tax deferments," but the bottom line is those on the bottom get less and less. Likely new plan
doesn't cover vision and dental--as if seeing and eating were somehow less important. They build
fear of the catastrophic while denying prevention & maintenance. "Some is better than none"
is the only consolation. They cover the costs of the catastrophic while denying prevention
& maintenance. "Get care now under the old plan before it changes." We then salvaged a cute
house in W. Seattle, 100 m. from the beach. One of 30 bought en masse by a developer and being
turned over as quickly as possible. Haste makes waste. The on-site rep said it plain: We make more
the quicker we get it done so we usually just crunch it all.
After work, I chanced into Craig at
Marketime who told me Charles got fired from Six Arms after seven years loyal service. Reason?
He was pouring drinks without measuring them first--"No jigger, no job" is their policy.
The new liquor manager is out to make an impression a la Jack Welch, and the way things
are going you might just see the McMenamin's pub empire on the Fortune 500. (Bad news
for drinkers.) When I got home, Sarah called from Chino, CA, where 1/3rd of the city acreage
is devoted to two prisons--his and hers. She caught a ride to her hotel in a lifted truck, the
bumper of which was over her head. The driver said his wife had one, too--everyone gets
out of our way
. They're building a 7-bedroom
dream home for themselves in Arizona.
It doesn't stop, but
I find a way...

one less tree to climb, birds and bugs lose a home