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January 24, 2006

Walter, 30" x 40" color
                              print from 35mm negative Mean Dog, 30" x 40" color
                              print from 35mm negative

Before going digital on Dec 7, 1997,
I used to burn through a lot of film,
rudimentary scans of which prints
comprised my first www pages.
These Urban Wildlife prints are a few
of the last film photos I shot before
losing my camera while drunk in NY.

Doggy Style, 30" x 40"
                              color print from 35mm negative

Today is the 8th anniversary of the launch of Picture of the Day.
I hope to never stop. I do this site for a variety of reasons, but
money is not one of them. Still, it's become something of a tradition
to beg for $upport every January 24th. It's the only time I do and
there's good reason for it: it costs about $1,000/year to maintain
a site of this size and traffic (along with other Web projects such as and, to name just two).

If you're a regular visitor, there are a couple of ways you can help:

1) If you ever shop at, enter their site through the new
"a" link located under the date of every PoD page. That way, I'll get
a small commission on every purchase you make. It adds up!

2) Donate. Suggested donation is $5, but more would be better.
The largest single donor before February 14, 2006 will receive a
30" x 40" Urban Wildlife 35mm color photo print of his/her choice.
You can donate via paypal (who take a cut), or mail a check to:

Robert Zverina
3955-B Fremont Ave N
Seattle WA 98103 USA

Thank you!