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November 28, 2005


Sarah and I went for a walk tonight. Cheap entertainment.
Forecast was for snow. It's been two years since it snowed
in Seattle. We got a little sleet instead. Windy, too.
Leaves blew down the street like a teargassed mob. Some
swirled up in columns like miniature tornadoes. The streets
were dark and quiet, with hardly any holiday lights. But
when we did find some, they came in
bunches--"keeping up with the Joneses."
We walked by a house the RE Store
recently salvaged. It was now reduced to a pile of
debris, just about the ugliest demolition job I've seen.
It was dark, cold, and well after 8 o'clock, but a worker
was still there, either scavenging the remains or trying to
finish some final task. It looked bad and we moved on,
ready for some hot food in our favorite conversation bar.