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November 14, 2005


Like many Americans, my problem is not too little--it's too much. Well-fed and under-read. I've got time and a roof over my head. Still, I complain about the rent. I said to Ben today, "I was born to complain." I hope by outting myself I can conquer that useless habit.
watch it in action

The job today was brutal--more 31/4" maple flooring than we could ever get to in the time alotted, a huge expanse of mocking wood in University Village retail space changing from one outdoorsy theme to another. Designers from the new store were looking it over, a well-groomed gaggle who pretended we weren't there, no nods of acknowledgement or a friendly hello, it was satisfying hurling the too-short reject boards in their general direction.

But I guess the truth is I was happy to ignore them, as well. Maybe that's normal--everybody doing their best to ignore everybody else. Shopping--the fixation on a desired object--is quite effective to that end.

Allow no distraction. The weather is no excuse. Free yellow umbrellas are provided for patrons' use.

The store was cleverly camouflaged with printed window film, applied with art and attention by a pair who cut them in with razors and smoothed out every bubble. Soon the replacement will be complete and few will remember it was ever any different.