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September 20, 2005

It's raining at Disneyland. All the families are wearing clear
plastic ponchos--do they get them from Central Source for free?
Probably not for free. Must buy 'em from a smiling big-eared rat.
The faces are grim, disappointed, all except for one woman--short,
stout, wrinkled--smiling in satisfaction as she drags on a fresh
cigarette. I can relate. I'm at Tony Roma's, the one adult bar stop
on this strip of theme hotels and family restaurants. I chew the
cherry of my second Manhattan. It's good. '80s nostalgia music
plays. I was there. "Came of age" to Duran Duran, then quickly
switched to Dead Kennedys, MDC, Suicidal Tendencies. Bought
my first computer in 1993, Macintosh PowerBook 145B, 80Meg
hard drive big enough for 17 drafts of the novel I never completed.

After a couple of PC computers (Dell, 1997; Sony VAIO, 2000), I
recently switched back to Mac thanks to a generous grant from
Artist Trust in support of ongoing short film documentary project.


Took some time on trainride down from Seattle here to Anaheim
to fulfill one of those minor dreams--fourtracking video to make
musique concrete. Imported a bunch of "good sound" .avi clips
(those I tag with "-gs" suffix) into Final Cut Pro, dropped them in
timeline and arranged arbitrarily, leaving gaps for silence so only
2 or 3 play simultaneously; set opacity of each track to 25%.
Here's the result, in higher res [1.7M] or less higher res [700K].
It looks and sounds to me like the start of a beautiful friendship.