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September 12, 2005
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electric heavyland storefront
Robert Zverina Video Installation Opening Friday September 16 2005 7 - 9 pm 252 NE 45th St

The RE Store Recycled Art Show last Thursday was a blast; I'll be posting a recap plus the entire exhibit catalog online soon.

But now I am scrambling to put finishing touches on video installation at Electric Heavyland from September 16  - 30, opening with a party this Friday the 16th.

I'm attempting to display as many short movie clips as possible, which will entail multiple portable DVD players hung on the walls. If you have a portable DVD player to lend (or DVD player + monitor) from now until the end of the month, please contact me as soon as possible. You get a free DVD!

I guarantee safe return of all equipment. Thanks and hope to see you there!