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May 19, 2005

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because the ReStore donated some toilets and other necessities to the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), we received a couple of VIP passes plus ten tickets to the gala premiere at the aptly named Paramount Theater. it was just like in the movies--milling crowds outside the theater, glammed out people mingling in the lobby, and a gauntlet of popping flashbulbs at the entrance to the after-party (except in this case the flashes came from a kind of virtual paparazzi--an automated pole with blinking strobes situated by the door).

it was my first visit to the Paramount. whoa. what a building. not much from the outside but inside it was like a carpeted wedding cake made of gold. pat and i both hoped we would never have to salvage it.

i learned that one feature of film festival premieres is there's a lot of talk before the movie starts. i usually cringe when i hear the term "marketing director," but SIFF marketing director Gary Tucker defied expectations by delivering a lively recitation of thanks to each and every one of SIFF's scores of sponsors, including special mention of the ReStore--which is what you get when you touch people where they live.

the feature film was a romantic comedy. now, usually when i hear "romantic comedy" i run for the exit, but miranda july's me, you, and everyone we know also defied expectations. i laughed, i cried. just you go see it and you'll understand the meaning of this: