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April 29, 2005


The thing you should know about Uz Jsme Doma is their music is composed, written note by note, and as such has an existence all its own. So even when the line-up changes, the song remains the same. In its almost 20 years of existence, about 30 different musicians have played, recorded, and toured with the band. Through it all, Miroslav Wanek has been the lead songwriter and guiding spirit, the engine of UJD. Last year, he faced his greatest challenge when for various reasons he lost his drummer, bassist, and guitarist--that is to say, the whole band. But, thanks to having the sheet music for 30 songs posted online, he was able to recruit and audition new players. After a seven month hiatus of rebuilding and rehearsing, Uz Jsme Doma is back and better than ever thanks to a fresh new lineup of young musicians who are eager vehicles for the musical spirit.