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March 10, 2005

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There's a song on Bongwater's Double Bummer
LP which samples an insurance salesman's pitch:
Your livelihood relies on your ability to perform.
The truth of that came home to me today when I
tweaked my back while trying to ease a 10' stained
glass window through a narrow opening. The load
wasn't that heavy but something about the way
I moved--perhaps a slight twist of the body--
sent stabbing pain through my middle back and
I knew I was done for the day. I could still walk,
but any lifting or bending hurt. I had never
been sidelined from work like this; I felt useless
and depressed. Well, it gave me some time to
go around photographing the work in progress,
which today moved inside into the sanctuary
where Kurt and Wade of Earthwise started in
on the broad and tall Povey Brothers windows
set high in the north wall. Ben, Joel, Rachel,
Noel, and Pat of the ReStore pulled the last of
the front windows and removed the heavy terra
cotta ornaments adorning the facade. I skulked
around for a little while longer, then went to Six 
for some general anaesthetic generously
provided by my friend Craig. In the evening I
sat in on a ReStore presentation to a Seattle
historic preservation group at the Good Shep-
herd Center
where a few dozen of my short films
were used to illustrate the type of work we do.