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January 27, 2005

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sierra nevada is a very sweet
beer. sweet beers lead to
hangovers. if you like
hangovers, drink sierra
nevada. i had only a
couple (squared) and
that was enough to make
the morning hurt. that and
i was up till past 2 for a
7:30 alarm. the day lived
up to last night's predicted
. in addition
to the cobb, there were
three other stops: blue
ridge bathroom cabinet
take-out, ravenna kitchen
cabinet pick-up, and fircrest
gazebo roof removal.
furthermore, it was a
day of high drama deep
in the bowels of the
seattle art underground.
but that's just gossip,
so let's move on to sports.
i bowled a 141 and there's
a 1925 church for sale
that sarah and i are looking
into. we'd like to buy a
place and use it as a
community arts center.