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January 18, 2005

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Salvaging imminent teardown at 3050 Viewmont Way W, Taylor discovered a batch of 1974 postcards and coupons sealed in a nailed and painted-shut kitchen cabinet. The postcards were mundane to the max, merely we are here confirmations and descriptions of small disappointments ("not as many mountains as we expected"). Travel. Jesse and Linda made it to Bangkok (email moves faster than postcards--duh), and Brent came over in the evening to share some cool video mixing software and mad skillz to get me started on a new path in art. He's a spacetime travel specialist who recombines found documents (mostly thriftstore home videos and photo albums) into satisfyingly creepy alternate realities. We projected some of his new work and the weirdest thing is how the strangers on his tapes seem as familiar as my own family members since they have been stored in memory through previous watching. Oh please, people, be careful what you ingest. Every automobile commercial brings you closer to death.