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January 3, 2005

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Second consecutive day
of clear skies in Seattle.
Managed to get out into it
by 2 pm after catching up
on email and preparing
packages for posting
& checks for paying
gas and electricity.
Walking across
Aurora Bridge,
mountains all
around me, I
pause to film
a piece of tape
S-ing the air.
I catch a 16
full of stu-
dents on
their way
to after
first day
back after
vacation, a
commotion in
back, something
to do with a dollar
makes pre-teen girl
curse spectacularly.
The bus driver stops
the bus, gets up and
walks back there to
quiet the situation as I do
my best to ignore it, not
wanting to be another gawker
looking backwards. I get to the
library, return some CDs, pay $5
in fines. At p.o., I blow $30.84 on
postage and Buckminster Fuller
stamps. The library and post office
seem so permanent, but nothing lasts.
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                        Seattle Public Library Central