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December 21, 2004

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mike is a human wrecking ball How'd we end up at the Buck watching a little person
    get 86d?  It started when Mike asked me if I knew
     anyone selling a car cheap so he and two friends
      could drive down to LA, dump the car, and fly on
  to Costa Rica to surf for 3 months. We were in the
 7-11 parking lot, waiting for Joel to check his Wall-
ingford PO Box. It so happened I did know someone
looking to sell a fuel efficient beater cheap, so I said,
My friends
had their car broken into, right rear

passenger window smashed, they were going to donate it but if you buy it it will help fund their 6 week trip to Thailand. The
'88 Corolla 2-door hatchback is parked in front of our place, so I suggested meeting Owner at the Buck to look the car over. The
plan worked great, except Owner couldn't make it, so Ben, Mike, Joel, Taylor, Jay, and I ended up at the corner table trading beers
when a diminutive man with one front tooth missing and a shining demeanor asked if he could join us. Maybe the Buck is a gay
bar after all, as rumor has it, we discussed as the not too tall man went for his stuff and returned with a box of Sun laundry deter-
gent and a stack of CDs. (What is wrong with me? I never asked his name or what was on the CDs.) Soon thereafter, the owner
came and told him to leave; he'd given him all the chances he could when all his bartenders told him he was trouble. Well, the
truth was the man seemed too drunk to function and his demeanor, while shining, was more than any of us wanted. So we let
him go and watched as he pulled his shit together on the sidewalk and don a green parka with fur lining over his backpack--
which gave him the appearance of having a hump. He sat with his back against the wall beneath our window for a while, then
rounded the corner, disappeared, and returned soon thereafter giving us  the finger. Well, we'd all been drunk before, so we
didn't take it personally, but it still made me sad about all the promises I break to myself. |||| Time was, I thought the difference
between dwarf and little person was purely semantic, but it matters much more than that. Semantics is just words, people
have feelings. It's unfair (and misleading) to categorize anyone by a criterion as arbitrary as size. Let drunkenness speak for itself.